How to Start a Blog Part 1: Beginner’s Advice

How to Start a Blog Part 1: Beginner's Advice
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Finding yourself exploring the Internet to learn how to start a blog? Let me help you with that.

This blog site is fairly new (barely a year), but the reason why I am confident about giving advice is because I can honestly say that I created this without any professional help. At least the human professional help, of course.

The great thing about the Internet is there are several tools and platforms that you can use to help you create a website. Whether you want a simple blog site or a profitable Affiliate site, you donโ€™t need a PhD to accomplish that.

I understand how disconcerting and discouraging it can be to start a blog – especially for a non tech person like me. This is why I created a three part series on how to start a blog. A lot of new online writers think it is very difficult but if you have the determination and patience to learn them all, it is achievable.

As an online writer, I believe this is necessary in your portfolio as it will help you increase your credibility as a writer. So if you are a writer like me, creating your blog site will definitely widen your knowledge about online writing.

Before you can start creating a website, there are three things that you need to do first.

Step 1: Define your goals

Any project should always begin with this. I truly believe in being prepared. I want to stress just how important it is that you sit down and think about your goals in starting a blog just so it does not end up being a waste of time.

There are several reasons to learn how to start a blog. You can profit from a blog through affiliate marketing. You can create a blog to promote your online store. For me, I started a blog for portfolio purposes. I wanted a professional portfolio that will provide inquiring employers of a glimpse of my writing style. I didn’t want just a personal blog with nonsense ramblings about my life so I decided to focus on a specific niche.

Which brings us to step 2.

Step 2: Find your niche

When we say niche, we so mean that specific part of the wall. Wikipedia defines niche blogging as a blog with a specific market focus. In my case, I wanted my blog to cater to online writers who are freelancing for employers remotely. I used that as my focus – concentrating on my experiences to come up with relevant articles.

Step 3: Choose a platform

There are several platforms to use in creating a blog site. You have Blogger, WordPress, Joomla and other sites that will help you create a simple website. If you want a site that you can earn from, I advise you to hire a professional website developer to help out. But if like this site, you should be able to do well on your own. I am using WordPress for EarnatHomePh and I was able to make it look like this on my own. For a non-tech person like me, I believe my site is pretty decent so I am confident to endorse that WordPress is a platform that anyone can use.

Step 4: Think of a name

The name of your website should be able to reflect what it is about. For instance, this blog site aims to help those who wish to earn a living from their own home โ€“ that is why I chose EarnAtHomePh. I was lucky enough to find an available domain name to use as well. Ideally, the URL (e.g. should be the same as your site name but that is not necessary. But it is a common practice so best to follow suit.

Part 2 of how to start a blog will be about the basics involved in creating a website. Stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

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