Online Unemployment: Tips (Part 2)

Online Unemployment

I always call my online job a real test of faith sometimes – at least when I am faced with online unemployment.

Of course I needed the earnings to help my husband support our way of living. So I needed a continuous job. However, given the instability of the arrangement between online employers and contractors, you can only hope that you get hired just after one lets go of you.

While it is a stressful situation to be in, this something that all freelancers – whether in the real world or online, should be prepared to face.

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So here are some tips that I have for people like me who rely on online freelancing jobs to get by financially.

1. Don’t Panic. This may be your first reaction and its natural. But try not to let it get to you. It’s not like you are fired. You probably just did a really good job that your employer ran out of things for you to do. I think this is practically the third time this happened to me. While it can be stressful, you need to be relaxed so you keep a clear head while applying. Which brings us to tip number 2.

2. Update your Profile. Time to update your profile with your latest achievements and endeavors. Since I have this blog now, applying seemed easier because I direct my employers to this site for a sample of my writing. At least they can also see what I have done with the site and check out what skills I have other than writing.

3. Choose your Employers Wisely. Though it may be tempting to jump from one contract to the other – don’t! I got into a situation once when I accepted the first employer that gave me an offer. It was actually a really crappy offer but I was so desperate for a job that I jumped on it. A few days later, a great employer came by offering me a job but I wasn’t available anymore. Don’t EVER be tempted to lower your rate just because you badly need a job.

One of the greatest lesson I learned is to trust my gut instinct. It lets me override my fears about online unemployment. Somehow and someway, I always get a job to replace what I have lost.

While I’d like to think that I am just truly blessed and fortunate, I also want to credit the job history and reputation that I have built for myself online. I keep it a  point to impress my employers so they give me a good feedback once our contract is over. It helps me land another job right after we part ways.

Online unemployment may be scary but think about it. You can use it as an ongoing challenge to always stay in your best behavior and to keep your skills honed. That is the only way you keep yourself a hot commodity for employers to come hire you immediately.

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