What is SEO?

What is SEO

What is SEO? This is one question that you need to answer if you are serious about making a living off the Internet.

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. Wikipedia defines SEO as “the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines”.

Search engines refer to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other engines that we go to to begin our search for information. When a user inputs keywords in search engines,  a list of relevant websites will be shown in the search results.

For instance, if you want to know the recipe for chicken stew or something, you go to search engines, type the keywords recipe for chicken stew and you click the button search. The search engine will give you a list of websites that contains the best recipes for chicken stew.

Of the millions of websites on the Internet, search engines refer to an algorithmic ranking system that will let them know which site is most relevant to the search of the user.

SEO is an important Internet Marketing strategy that enables website owners to get a high rank in that system so they get more visibility when a user does a search. Small business SEO strategies usually involve various kinds of searches: images, content, videos, academic, news and several other forms of information found on the web.

The basic principle is, when you rank high in search results, you get more visitors. When you get more visitors, there are more chances to increase sales or advertising revenues.


SEO is not really complicated to learn but it does take a lot of getting used to. The concepts are simple but the details are quite massive! Not only that, you need to be in tune with the latest SEO rules because we all depend on the algorithms that search engines put up.

For instance, Google SEO made the headlines last year when significant changes in their algorithm bumped off some websites from the top spot in search results. Remember the Panda in 2011? We all had to go back to our drawing boards to make sure we get back to the basics as ask ourselves, what is SEO?

So to give you the basic rules in SEO, here are a few tips that I have gathered for you:

1. Utilize your keywords. Keywords will let the search engine know if your website is relevant to a search. Even if you have thousands of articles about chicken recipes but your keywords are all over the place, Google will not be able to recognize that. Put your keywords in titles, tags, content, images, etc. Just make sure you do not stuff your content with too much keywords to avoid being penalized.

2. Content is everything. When I say content is everything, I mean it! Content will give you relevance and will also have the power to convert website visitors into loyal customers. Make sure your content is unique, informative and have keywords in the right places (first, middle and last paragraph).

3. Link yourself to relevant sites. This is one mistake that some website owners make. They think that quantity will give them a higher ranking. That may be true before, but search engines got a lot wiser now. They are looking for quality above quantity now. So make sure your links are in the right place.

4. Updates keep you alive. Search engines need to detect activity in your website. That means you have to do something new in your site every so often. This can be done by uploading a new material. It can be an image, a new article or video. Anything that will tell search engines that your website has something new. A website that has been left for a month or so will be marked as inactive by search engines.

I strongly advise that you keep exploring answers to the question, what is SEO? You need this knowledge in order to survive this domain. I’ll try to input more articles that will explain the different SEO techniques. They’ll be available very soon.

Stay tuned!

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