Why I Started Photography

A lot of people took different paths which led them to take up photography and I would like to share mine in hopes of helping other people find their way to it. 

Started Photography With A Second Hand Film Camera

film camera

Much like most photographers who are advanced in years, I started tinkering with a camera that needed film. It really limited your shots and you had to get the composition on point. Not to mention how your ISO (will talk about this in future articles) is fixed with the type of film you bought at the store. 

Starting off with a film camera, it taught me to look for my angles. It forced me to wait for that “oomph” moment. That “pray and spray” method was unheard of in the days of film. You would quickly run through your roll in a matter of seconds. 

Later on, cameras were integrated into smartphones partly eliminating the need to bring bulky gear with you. Smartphones were slowly creeping into the pockets of people replacing not only bulky phones but calendars, mobile video games, laptops, and even cameras. At present, some high-end phones can take stunning photos that professionals are putting phone cameras to the test. 

Photography as an outlet

I used to play semi-competitive basketball from inter-school leagues to community basketball. However, time has not been good and it took me away from the sport that I love. I found my way back in through sports photography and that brought me close to the game I love. I may not be on the court but I still get some of the action taking photos from the sideline. 

Creating memories

This is one of the reasons why I got into photography but the main reason I carry a camera and started learning how to take better photos is my family. The first few hundred shots I took were filled with family and up to now, they are the biggest reason why I create photos.

When all is said and done, these photos are the ones we will be looking back on when we get old.

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